CS:GO Update: Five-Seven muudatused ja gameplay fixid

– Shipping more changes to pistols with the goal of emphasizing skillful use of the weapons.
– Five-SeveN: The Five-SeveN has been adjusted to reward tactical positioning and defensive play.
— Slightly improved accuracy when firing several shots rapidly.
— Substantially reduced accuracy while moving.

– Prime status is now immediately granted to Perfect World accounts with identity verification.
– Enabled support for custom avatars in game.
– Enabled access to the developers console.

– Overhauled internal weapon data representation. (Thanks SlothSquadron and koga0995 for spotting unintended changes)
– Fixed an issue that caused players to not drop their 2nd flashbang if they are killed after throwing 1 flashbang during the round.
– Fixed an issue where sniper bots didn’t like the Scar20 (Thanks BOT Vitaliy!)
– Fixed an issue where buying non-weapon items would restock ammo for all your weapons.
– Fixed some corner cases where buying items via console could ignore the user’s loadout selection.
– Fixed an issue where attempting to drop undroppable items (like grenades) would count the item’s value towards the player’s “donations” for the round.
– Fixed a rare issue that could cause players to show incorrect holstered weapons.
– Fixed an issue where decoy grenades could make sounds from the wrong weapon.
– Fixed “buy” console command to list all options instead of being a hardcoded help string.
– Map editing: env_gunfire entities can now fire all weapon types (e.g. weapon_m4a1_silencer or weapon_revolver)
– Fixed a memory leak related to spectating.
– Adding ability to initiate trades from friend’s context menu.
– Improved map load times in some circumstances.